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Hi, I’m Thomas and welcome to Lifestyle Film Blog. This is a place for you to learn, grow, connect, and hopefully get inspired to create.

Let me give you a quick backstory about me and then we’ll crack into what this is all about.

I started making videos when I was 14. I bought a camcorder, and began filming EVERYTHING. This quickly transformed into faking fight scenes with my brothers, and then creating short horror, action and comedy videos that I put online. The videos got picked up by an America Horror DVD compiler who wanted to pay us $200 to make a short film script. I was amazed.

No way… People want to pay me to create one of my stupid videos??

It was awesome. We made the film, and enjoyed every second of it, and got paid.

Fast forward a few years and I had ‘grown out’ of making these kind of videos. I’m not sure what happened to be honest – maybe I just got bored… (or had teenage hormones and thought it wasn’t cool). Something like that.

Anyway, after 5 months travelling South America when I was 18, and then dropping out of film university after the first year, I decided I wanted to continue my video-making journey on my own terms.

I started freelancing as a videographer in London, and saving up enough money to fund my new found passion – creating videos out of my travels and adventures.

I started a new YouTube channel and started putting these videos out online.

Fairly quickly it became clear that people wanted to learn about this stuff, and to be able to make their own. So I started Lifestyle Film Blog.

Since putting those first few travel videos out there in 2015, my channel has grown to over 120,000+ subscribers, and I’ve created 5 courses that have helped thousands of aspiring travel filmmakers to reach their potential.

Lifestyle Film Blog is about creating, capturing and expressing your vision through filmmaking. It’s about you and your camera, getting out there, and exploring whilst creating.

We value authenticity, creativity, connection and expression.

Whether you’re a member of the Travel Video Academy and love to share your videos with other members to get feedback and discuss ideas, or whether you just want to take a quick course on the fundamentals of making a travel video, you’ll find these values infused throughout.

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“Hello Thomas! I recently subscribed to your series of email, and I absolutely love reading them. I've just watched the first of the 3 videos, and there is so much great information! Your YouTube channel is also so inspiring”


“Good morning Thomas. First of all I wanted to thank you for all your work. I really enjoyed your art and I think you have a great style. Second of all, I also wanted to let you know that I love your daily emails. You have inspired me to do this. Thank you again my friend - Cheers from NYC!”


“Love your emails so much and how dedicated you are to helping others learn! Thanks so much.”


“Hi Thomas, Just wanted to say I love your emails! It's the first time I felt someone is really taking me along on a journey this way - instead of you just promoting yourself and your services 🙂 Look forward to then everyday! Keep up the good (and hard!) work. Love from Amsterdam”


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Can’t wait for you to have a look around and start creating!

Keep filming,