Rewilding The Earth Through Creative Community.

At every key step of their online education, members of the Travel Video Academy plant a tree.

Trees Planted
Travel Video Academy

The TVA is a Creative community who learn new skillsets through tutorials, collaboration and competition.

Sustainable Encouragement

At important milestones, each member plants a tree. The more actively involved the member is, the more trees they plant.

We Take Responsability

By being human we can either leave the world for better or for worse. The TVA is a community that takes responsibility for it's existence.

How It Works


Trees Planted At Every Milestone

We work with the social enterprise Mossy Earth, who enable us to plant a tree at every milestone of the TVA member’s journey. Currently we plant:

  • 1 Tree planted when a member officially joins.
  • 1 Tree planted when a member completes the 4 month training program.
  • 1 Tree planted when a member wins 3rd place in a quarterly challenge.
  • 3 Trees planted when a member wins 2nd place in a quarterly challenge.
  • 5 Trees planted when a member wins first place in a quarterly challenge.

Green Impact

How we go about planting trees is extremely important. Many companies will make themselves ‘low carbon’, by planting mono-culture trees in areas that are unsuitable – causing more damage than good. Worse than that, they still continue with extremely harmful practises, the only difference being that they have appeased consciousnesses. 

Mossy Earth ensures that they plant trees on abandoned agricultural land that is purchased by their conservation partners. By planting native tree species, the aim is to not only plant trees, but to rewild these disused lands.


Creating a Future of Beautiful Wilderness

Therefore by planting trees at every milestone, members of the TVA are not just reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. They are actively creating beautiful areas of wild, biodiverse land that themselves and others can enjoy in the future. These forests and woodlands will not only provide a safe haven for insects and small mammals, but hold the potential to create homes for wild horses, boar, eagles, wolves and even bears. TVA members are giving themselves, their children, and their children’s children wild environments to inspire creation and enjoyment long into the future.

Where We Are Planting

The Situation

On the 26th and 27th of August 2017, a wildfire burned through a large area of the Douro Natural Park. It was one of the many fires that ripped through Portugal in 2017. A summer which not only saw an abnormal 120,000 hectares burn but also the worst loss of life in the country this century, 65 victims in one day.

More than 150 firefighters were involved in putting out the blaze supported by 51 vehicles, 2 helicopters and 1 plane. After two days the fire was finally under control but not before causing catastrophic ecological damage.

Charred Earth

Ribeira do Mosteiro, once one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the natural park, was reduced to a charred, barren landscape. No-one knows how this lone tree survived.


Strategic planting began in September 2017, and through it’s continuation, our goal is to create a continuous native forest which is fire resistant and a safe-haven for wildlife.

Emergence Of Life

Since then, the vultures and eagles (Griffon, Black & Bonelli), have been the first species to return, with evidence of roe deer, wild boar, rabbits and bobcats making appearances also. Within a few years we will be re-introducing wild horses to graze the land.

Impact Map

Check out the actual trees that TVA member's have planted, complete with real images, GPS coordinates, and names.

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