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Travel Video Academy

The Travel Video Academy is a group of travel filmmakers who are committed to learning, improving and creating. You'll receive 2 content videos per month as well as live feedback sessions.

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Cinematography Mastery

Cinematography Mastery teaches you both the fundamentals of shooting and more nuanced and advanced techniques that ensure you get the best footage every time you go out to shoot.

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Editing Mastery

Editing Mastery is a 3 week course where you'll learn the process, techniques and mindsets you'll need to create amazing videos from the footage you have now, and also your future shoots.

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Travel Video Bootcamp 2.0

The Travel Video Bootcamp is a 3 day course that teaches you the fundamentals of the travel video mindset, shooting and editing.

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Steady Shot Solutions

Steady Shots Solution is a method you can use with your SLR or iPhone to eliminate shakiness and get incredibly smooth footage, without a stabiliser or glidecam.

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