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How To Make A Vlog Collaboration YouTube Video

By on October 13, 2015

So last week I made my first proper ‘Youtuber’ style video on my channel – a funny collaboration with fashion blogger Xenia Tchoumi.

It came out pretty good! So I just wanted to break down how you can get started making these sorts of videos and give you some step by step insights into making a nice little ‘Youtube Collaboration’ style vid.

For some context, check it out here:

Step 1:


You have to have a purpose for the video – you usually can’t just sit there and chat about whatever comes to mind – what are you going to do?

Bear in mind that this usually isn’t actually the most important thing – the most important thing is that you connect with and entertain the audience (something I’ll get onto later) – but you need something to do or talk about whilst you do this.

In this case, I’m a filmmaker teaching people how to step up their skills, and she’s a fashion blogger – so I decided that a Q&A video of me asking her some questions that tie these two topics together would be perfect.

For you – this could be anything – from a mini competition, to some questions sent in by friends/fans, or a topic to discuss.

Step 2:

Set Up

I’d filmed some vids with Xenia before for her channel, and we agreed that they turned out too “TV”. To really connect with an audience we wanted the new vids to be purely authentic and much more real.

From my filmmaking perspective, this meant ditching my 50mm lens and switching to a wide angle, putting the camera pretty close to us whilst we sat on a sofa, and cranking up the aperture. This meant that we could move about a lot with space in the shot, as well as always be in focus.

In terms of lighting – sit by a window, or if that’s not possible, buy a cheap soft box light to use and point at your face – makes all the difference.

Step 3:


It takes a while for most people to ‘warm up’ on camera. One of my favourite processes is seeing someone slowly get more and more expressive as they start talking, and lose the ‘front’ that is sometimes put on in the beginning.

It’s so important for this process to take place. As I said – the single most important thing for this sort of video is that the audience connect with you – and they can only do that if you are just being yourself. Everyone’s nervous on camera at the beginning and you just need to shake it off, and ideally shoot the shit for a while before even starting the video.

Something that people who have watched this video picked up on is that it was ‘great infotainment’, which I was super proud of – thanks guys. Basically I made sure that I had enough stupid questions right from go – so it was a stupid interview with a few real questions thrown in, rather than something serious, with some feeble attempts at jokes thrown in when the vibe wasn’t right. Ya follow?

Step 4:

The Edit

In the edit, you want to cut down as much as possible. I’ve learnt this by showing people videos that I thought were finished, then feeling the atmosphere drop a little in the middle whilst people are watching the video. So I’d go back to the edit and cut some stuff out, and the video would turn out much more engaging.

There are obviously a few other things I did in the edit to keep it engaging like cropping into the shot, stopping and starting different music tracks etc.

We also filmed a vid for her channel which features a hilarious outtake reel that shows how important it is to put FUN before anything else in these vids, which I will update this post with soon.

Any questions, lemme know!


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