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"Best Video Course I've Ever Taken!" - T. Eastman (Member)
The 3 day course that reveals the processes & techniques behind making amazing travel videos, even if you have zero experience.
Make your friends and family jealous, whilst capturing your memories and inspiring the world...
I'm assuming you're here because you want to make travel videos that people love

You might want to use awesome travel videos to grow your audience. You want to one day make money out of this - even earn a living. 

The thing is... getting better is very exciting, but also frustrating. 

Trust me, I know. 

I remember starting out with tonnes of questions:
  • What settings are best for my camera?
  • Why does my footage always look ‘flat’?
  • Which songs work best?
  • How can I smooth out my shaky footage?
  • How can I edit all of my footage quickly and easily, so it looks amazing?
The one thing I found is... 

...once you know the foundations - the processes....

...Making amazing videos isn't actually very hard. At all. 

So after years of learning... Dozens of questions... and over 300,000 total views later...

I created the Travel Video Bootcamp. 

It’s a 3 day online course.

That will give you the exact skill-set you need:

 - To make amazing travel videos.

- That capture your memories.

 - Inspire the world. 

...and make your friends and family jealous ;-)

I will show you the specific processes I use to capture my life and my memories, and turn them into something special that gets people inspired. 

Let’s break it down...
The Travel Video Bootcamp consists of 3 Potent Video Modules and a BONUS PDF:
  • Module 1 - Ultimate Filmmaking Success Mindsets 
Before we break into the filmmaking, you'll be prepped with extremely important mindsets.
Sounds strange, but these alone will greatly improve your success. 

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."
  • Module 2 - Behind The Scenes "How-To" Breakdown (Video Secrets)
First you’ll be able to see my travel video “Day In The Sun” which is exclusive to TVB members. 

After that comes the value packed behind the scenes breakdown video. Throughout the making of this film, I was vlogging, breaking down exactly what I was doing with each shot and why, so you can immediately apply this to your own videos.
  • Module 3 - Editing: Process, Tricks & Hacks
This is where you get to see exactly what’s happening on my screen during the editing process. 

This is the part where it all comes together, where I reveal my process, and a few rarely known tricks that will take your videos to the next level. 

[Note: It doesn’t matter what editing program you have, even if it’s free, these principles can be used at any level].
  • 5 Secrets Of Making Sick Videos Without Film School [BONUS MODULE]
Even more than that, you’ll receive my detailed guide on filmmaking called the ‘5 Secrets Of Making Sick Video Without Film School’. 

This is a perfect complement to the video modules, and it breaks-down the key foundational techniques behind filmmaking and reinforces the mindsets you've been developing throughout. 
Inside Look: Easily Learn Video Skills Inside The Training Platform
Build A Fanbase Doing What You Love
The Travel Video Bootcamp takes your video skills to the next level. 

This is the foundation... The corner-stone... 

...to growing your audience. 

Without solid video skills that truly express your own creativity, you’re never going to get more followers. At least not fast. 

Even on Instagram... 

You can like and comment on as many people’s photos as you want. 

But without great content, people will check out your profile without hitting the ‘follow’ button. 

How are you different? How do you stand out?

The fact of the matter is, that dope video edits of your adventures and experiences is a fantastic way to get people drawn into your reality. 

And make it impossible to leave your profile without giving you a follow. 
Check Out These Videos Made Using The Exact Processes You're About To Learn...
Adventures In Thailand
Make Videos Like This!
Make Videos Like This!
Dreaming California
Want To Earn A Living Making Awesome Videos?
We all know that once your audience is big enough, money making opportunities start coming in. 

...Collaborating with brands

...Selling products to your audience

...Creating content for businesses. 

There is a world of potential out there in online video. 

Plus the fact that - even if you never make it ‘big-time'...

...you’re making yourself so much more desirable to employers, and easier to land yourself your dream job, just by having this skill-set.

Every business wants employees who know how to make professional videos. 
Let’s speed up your journey.
It’s literally an investment into your own future. 

The Travel Video Bootcamp contains a priceless amount of information, processes and secrets that will take your video skills to the next level. 

Right now it's just $47.

"Why the low price?"

Because no matter who you are or what stage in your life you're at, I want you to have no excuses not to buy this if you really want it. 

If you take action I'm sure you'll get real results that even you will be surprised by. 

Purely selfishly, I also benefit from your results and people asking you "How did you learn so fast?" because it spreads the word ;)

(Once you purchase, you'll be able to log into the Member's area to access the content immediately)
"What Are Travel Video Bootcamp Members Saying?"

"The Travel Video Bootcamp is the filmmaking course I wish existed 6 years ago when I first developed a passion for making little videos of me and my friends having adventures. 

If you want to capture your life in a way that allows you to share powerful moments through visual storytelling - Tom is the man you want to learn from."

Alex Walton, Boss Life Blog

"Having been in awe of Tom’s travel videos, I wasn’t sure how accessible the content would be to someone with no experience. 

But i’m thrilled I gave it a go. Tom’s deep film knowledge is easily communicated through his effortless presentation and engaging teaching style which really kept my attention. 

The course has inspired me to get off my backside and start filming! Best video course I've ever taken."

Tom - Founder, Olympvs

"The program contains very useful advise which helped me develop my editing skills further.

Tom's wisdom and expertise with filmmaking and editing has helped me become an even better filmmaker.

I highly recommend Tom to any person looking to take their filmmaking to the next level."

Lova, LightningVideoEditors

"Very cool program, especially loved listening to you talk about why you did everything.

And watching you edit was GREAT!"

Gun, Freedom Business Guide Podcast

"As a beginner, the course taught me how to shoot great looking videos and edit them together into a fun travel movie. 


Gorazd, YT Vlogger
Your Filmmaking Improved, Or Your Money Back.

Risk Free - 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you feel you haven't gotten any value from the Travel Video Bootcamp, I guarantee you that I'll give you your money back. I believe that you'll get a LOT out of it - so yes, I'm prepared to give you a full refund for the first 90 days after purchase. 100% Guaranteed.  
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Frequently Asked Questions:
I've made travel videos before - Is this course too basic for me?
Every filmmaker has different processes and tricks when preparing, filming and editing. By understanding and learning how others make their films, you can take inspiration from their methods and hugely improve your own.

So if you already consider yourself savvy behind a camera or even a filmmaking expert, this is a big opportunity to have someone else to reflect your methods off and perhaps take a few epiphanies home!
Why The Low Price?
I want you to have no excuses not to buy this if you really want it, no matter who you are or what stage in your life you're at.

To be honest, I also benefit from your results, and people asking you "How did you learn so fast?" - it helps spread the word.

I'm honestly putting the price up soon as I'm getting more and more people on board - so I advise jumping on this offer now. 
Is There A Guarantee?
Yes. If you feel you haven't gotten any value from the Travel Video Bootcamp, I guarantee you that I'll give you your money back. I believe that you'll get a LOT out of it, so I'm prepared to give you a full refund for the first 90 days after purchase. 100% Guaranteed. 
Can I Access It Instantly?
Yes. Once you purchase, you'll be emailed with your login page to the Member's area, and can access the Day 1 content immediately. Day 2 and 3 are released on the day after, and the day after that, for a full, structured experience.
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